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Body Pain

FIBROMYALGIA .WORD1_Page_09_Image_0002I’m repeat­ing most of the infor­ma­tion from the home page here because many might get to this page first and this con­tent is crit­i­cal to under­stand­ing the pain of Fibromyal­gia.

There are two sep­a­rate prob­lems that cause the body pain you’re expe­ri­enc­ing. Here’s what the typ­i­cal Fibromyal­gia patient expe­ri­ences. You’ll typ­i­cal­ly have some very spe­cif­ic areas that real­ly hurt. They could be in your upper back, neck, low back, knees…basically any­where. You might have sev­er­al of these spe­cif­ic areas.

But on top of those spe­cif­ic pains, you have a full body ten­der­ness. For some even their skin hurts. If some­one bumps into them it’s painful. Even a belt that’s too tight caus­es pain. This is due to inflam­ma­tion that’s affect­ing your whole body.

These two dif­fer­ent sources of pain feed one anoth­er and need to be han­dled dif­fer­ent­ly. Lets start with the full body inflam­ma­tion first. FYI, most of the infor­ma­tion below is in the PDF. If that option is eas­i­er, you can down­load it here. In addi­tion, under­stand­ing the oth­er symp­toms with Fibromyal­gia involves know­ing what’s described below. So this page is a must read for any­one with Fibromyal­gia.

We’ll start by dis­cussing diges­tion and its role in your ten­der­ness. After­wards, we’ll dis­cuss the mechan­i­cal prob­lems, which absolute­ly need to be cor­rect­ed.

We need to under­stand how nor­mal diges­tion works to under­stand what abnor­mal diges­tion is and how it relates to Fibromyal­gia.

Normal Digestion

In an ide­al world we would be eat­ing lots of uncooked, unprocessed foods that had lots of enzymes built into the food. Enzymes are pro­teins and they speed up chem­i­cal reac­tions by hun­dreds to thou­sands times faster than the same reac­tions would take with­out enzymes. Luck­i­ly nature puts these enzymes right in our food to help digest the food. Unfor­tu­nate­ly most of our foods today are cooked and processed and void of enzymes. This is a big prob­lem as we will see.

In the mouth we start diges­tion by chew­ing and adding sali­va which con­tains small amounts of enzymes. The food goes to our stom­ach where the body adds Hydrochlo­ric Acid (HCL). The body doesn’t have a sack of acid wait­ing for food to work on. Instead the body makes HCL as it’s need­ed by pulling H+ ions out of our blood and CL- ions out of our blood and putting them togeth­er in the stom­ach cre­at­ing HCL. It takes up to an hour for the HCL to get acidic enough to help with diges­tion, but while that’s hap­pen­ing the enzymes are break­ing down our food. After the enzymes and HCL have worked on the food for a while, the stom­ach starts let­ting some of its con­tents enter the duo­de­num (the first part of the small intestines). Here a lot of “mag­ic” hap­pens.

The duo­de­num has sen­sors that can tell how well the food has been digest­ed in the stom­ach. The pan­creas then squirts enzymes into the duo­de­num to fur­ther digest the food. How much it squirts in depends on how well the food has been digest­ed. The more enzymes that are need­ed from the pan­creas, the more stressed your body is whether you “feel good” or not. Hope­ful­ly you had a lot of enzymes present in the food so the pan­creas didn’t have to do much.

In addi­tion, the gall­blad­der squirts in bile. Bile is a green flu­id and is sup­posed to be very flu­id like and not like molasses. Bile emul­si­fies the fat in your meal. This is the process of tak­ing a blob of fat and turn­ing it into thou­sands of lit­tle blobs which increas­es the sur­face area of the fat and makes diges­tion much faster and eas­i­er.

After the duo­de­num, the digest­ed food enters the real­ly long part of the small intestines where absorp­tion of nutri­ents into the blood­stream occurs. As long as your food has been prop­er­ly digest­ed into its small­est pieces, these pieces can cross the intesti­nal wall into your blood stream. From there the nutri­ents are deliv­ered to your cells to make new skin, hair, bone, mus­cle, etc. What’s left over in the intestines is waste and you elim­i­nate that on a dai­ly basis hope­ful­ly.

But what hap­pens when this process doesn’t work cor­rect­ly? What sys­tems fail or work poor­ly? Do we die or slow­ly lose health? Can we devel­op chron­ic pain syn­dromes from poor diges­tion?

Poor DigestionHere we see the sim­i­lar path­way of food going through your sys­tem, but now cer­tain parts don’t work well.

We start in the mouth where our food is deplet­ed of enzymes. Your sali­va still adds a small amount of enzymes, but not near­ly enough to make up for the loss of enzymes in the food. Hope­ful­ly you’re chew­ing your food well, which is often not the case. The enzyme defi­cient food now goes into your stom­ach and anoth­er prob­lem occurs. Peo­ple often can­not make enough HCL to digest food prop­er­ly. Now if you have heart­burn and are pur­pose­ly inhibit­ing HCL pro­duc­tion with med­ica­tions, you’ll doubt me on this. But this is an entire­ly sep­a­rate prob­lem with a very easy solu­tion. I’ll dis­cuss that in the blog sec­tion. What you need to know is that the lack of HCL pro­duc­tion fur­ther inhibits diges­tion espe­cial­ly of pro­tein like meat, eggs, etc.

After an hour or so, your stom­ach slow­ly starts releas­ing its con­tents into the duo­de­num where its sen­sors real­ize the food has a long way to go before it’s digest­ed. In an attempt to speed up the process, your pan­creas secretes a lot of enzymes to mix with the food. Anoth­er prob­lem you’ll often see is the bile from your gall­blad­der is thick and slug­gish like molasses. This does a poor job at digest­ing the fats in your food.

What are we left with? A lot of undi­gest­ed food now enters the long tube struc­ture of the small intestines. Now comes the real­ly inter­est­ing part. Your body will end up absorb­ing undi­gest­ed food par­ti­cles into the blood which is a very bad thing. The biggest cul­prit with Fibromyal­gia is undi­gest­ed pro­teins because they look just like virus­es. Virus­es are noth­ing more than pro­teins and your body can­not tell the dif­fer­ence between virus­es and undi­gest­ed pro­teins. Your body then attacks these pro­teins with all the strength of your immune sys­tem caus­ing sys­temic, chron­ic inflam­ma­tion in your body. What does this mean to you? Ten­der­ness, pain, hyper­sen­si­tiv­i­ty, the need for pain med­ica­tions, poor sleep, irri­tabil­i­ty, etc.

You have no idea how destruc­tive this is to your body. Chron­ic inflam­ma­tion is the start of many dis­eases like dia­betes, heart dis­ease, can­cer, you name it. Chron­ic inflam­ma­tion is the plague that Amer­i­ca is deal­ing with because of our poor diets that have got­ten so far away from moth­er nature it’s not even fun­ny.

Up till now, I’ve only dis­cussed the chem­i­cal prob­lem with Fibromyal­gia because it’s the eas­i­er thing for peo­ple to under­stand. What’s the solu­tion for these chem­i­cal prob­lems? There are two parts that ulti­mate­ly need to be fixed. But the mechan­i­cal prob­lems need to be addressed as well.

So here’s the for­mu­la for cor­rect­ing Fibromyal­gia:

fibroImageSmallHere’s the Three Part for­mu­la for cor­rect­ing Fibromyal­gia. I don’t use the word cure, because this isn’t a dis­ease. Instead, it’s a series of things that have hap­pened to you that have you in the predica­ment you’re in right now. Grant­ed, where you’re at sets you up for oth­er dis­eases, but Fibromyal­gia on its own I do not con­sid­er a dis­ease.
Fibromyal­gia (FM) is com­posed of three prob­lems. Inflam­ma­tion, Poor Struc­ture and Poor Diges­tion. What I work on first when a per­son comes to my office is the inflam­ma­tion and poor struc­ture parts of Fibromyal­gia. You’ll see why I don’t focus on diges­tion right away in a few min­utes. Tack­ling the inflam­ma­tion in a chem­i­cal man­ner involves the use of enzymes tak­en by mouth mul­ti­ple times a day. Improv­ing struc­ture involves cor­rect­ing bony mis­align­ments that your body can­not cor­rect on its own. This is not the stan­dard chi­ro­prac­tic that you’ve prob­a­bly already tried. It’s very unique and almost oppo­site that of stan­dard chi­ro­prac­tic as you’ll see a lit­tle lat­er.

Step 1 – Decrease Inflammation

Your ten­der­ness must be addressed right away. Not only to make you feel bet­ter quick­ly, but because inflam­ma­tion mess­es with diges­tion and tight­ens up your mus­cles which decreas­es blood flow to your mus­cles and makes you hurt more. Luck­i­ly treat­ing the inflam­ma­tion is fair­ly easy.

fibroInflammationSmallI use two prod­ucts that tack­le this prob­lem direct­ly. We dis­cussed before how inflam­ma­tion is due to your immune sys­tem attack­ing your undi­gest­ed proteins…basically an autoim­mune prob­lem. The solu­tion is to take the enzyme pro­tease on an emp­ty stom­ach. Pro­tease is the enzyme which digests pro­tein. When you take pro­tease on an emp­ty stom­ach it goes right past the stom­ach and into the blood­stream where it fin­ish­es digest­ing your undi­gest­ed pro­tein mol­e­cules. All of a sud­den your body has noth­ing to attack so your inflam­ma­tion goes down. You start feel­ing changes usu­al­ly with­in a few days to a few weeks. This prod­uct is called TRMA which stands for “trau­ma”. There are a lot of oth­er uses for TRMA so if you see oth­er prob­lems clear up, this may be the rea­son. The oth­er prod­uct I use is called OSTEO. This treats the inflam­ma­tion direct­ly. Togeth­er these two prod­ucts are pow­er­ful at inhibit­ing the inflam­ma­tion which is dri­ving your pain. You’ll also find you start sleep­ing bet­ter and you’ll have more ener­gy. You’ll also find you are calmer. All this from decreas­ing inflam­ma­tion. These prod­ucts con­tain enzymes from plants. They’re all nat­ur­al and work great.

Fibromyalgia StructureThe next crit­i­cal step is cor­rect­ing struc­ture. I do this at the same time as your fight­ing the inflam­ma­tion with enzymes. Poor struc­ture caus­es your mus­cles to con­tract and become sore, stiff and painful. You can­not cor­rect FM with­out doing this. If you could, than pain med­ica­tions would have much more impact since they decrease inflam­ma­tion as well…just not on a long last­ing basis.

Why Struc­ture? I can­not begin to tell you the impor­tance of hav­ing great, nat­ur­al, upright pos­ture. I’m not talk­ing at all about try­ing to stand up straight and hold your shoul­ders back. Don’t mis­un­der­stand. When peo­ple hear the word pos­ture, they sit up straight and pull their shoul­ders back like their par­ents used to nag them about. Doing this is absolute­ly ridicu­lous and caus­es more prob­lems because you’re work­ing so hard to have bet­ter pos­ture.

I’m talk­ing about sim­ply hav­ing good pos­ture with­out any effort. With­out using your mus­cles at all. In fact all the pos­ture pic­tures above are tak­en with these instruc­tions. “Breathe in, breathe out, let your body relax and slump.” To actu­al­ly eval­u­ate pos­ture you don’t want the per­son hold­ing them­selves up at all. In fact, you want to take the mus­cles out of the equa­tion and just see how well their bones hold them up. This is a huge dis­tinc­tion because when any ther­a­pist talks about improv­ing pos­ture they’re always doing some­thing with mus­cles. They’re strength­en­ing them, mas­sag­ing them, stretch­ing, etc. Here’s the key: “Your mus­cles have noth­ing to do with good pos­ture”. You can strength­en mus­cles and hold your pos­ture up with less effort, but you’re still hold­ing your­self up instead of just being up. I hope I made the dif­fer­ence per­fect­ly clear.

So why do you lose pos­ture? How does it degrade over time so that now, even in bed your mus­cles hurt due to your twist­ed up skele­tal frame? Twen­ty years ago, a doc­tor dis­cov­ered why bod­ies go funky and hurt. He dis­cov­ered the most fun­da­men­tal prob­lem that no one had addressed in human beings. I liken his dis­cov­ery to Albert Einstein’s The­o­ry of Rel­a­tiv­i­ty, to Edison’s dis­cov­ery of the light bulb and to Ford’s Mod­el T auto­mo­bile. And I’m not kid­ding. Why haven’t you heard about his work yet? Because it’s hard to change things in this world. Most peo­ple don’t real­ize that it took many years before Einstein’s The­o­ry of Rel­a­tiv­i­ty was proven and many more years before it was accept­ed. Like I said, change is hard. The good thing is, you’re hear­ing about it now. Here’s what he dis­cov­ered.

That bones can go out of place in direc­tions the body CANNOT self-cor­rect because there’s no mus­cle or group of mus­cles that can repo­si­tion the bone.

Sounds fair­ly sim­ple right? You might even think that all chi­ro­prac­tors are doing this right now, but they’re not. Not even close. More specif­i­cal­ly he fig­ured out that ver­te­bra CANNOT repo­si­tion them­selves if they get pushed for­ward because there’s no mus­cle or group of mus­cles behind the body that can pull the bone back­wards into its orig­i­nal posi­tion.

There are oth­er bones that can­not repo­si­tion them­selves either. A great exam­ple of this is with your fin­gers. I’ll ask peo­ple if they crack their fin­gers. Most of the time the answer is yes. I’ll have them show me. They use their oth­er hand to grab a fin­ger and pull on it. I say great. I then say, “Now do it with­out the use of your oth­er hand.” They can’t, unless they use the table or wall to push their fin­ger against, but that’s very dif­fer­ent than pulling the fin­ger. The same thing goes for your toes. If your body could pull on your toes, you’d have to have a mus­cle in front of your toes that pull the toes for­ward. Do you know of any such mus­cle? Nei­ther do I. Now if you can take this same con­cept and apply it to your spine, hips, feet and more, you real­ize the body CANNOT self cor­rect every bony mis­align­ment that occurs. It’s phys­i­cal­ly impos­si­ble. How no one real­ized this before he did is beyond me, but many dis­cov­er­ies and inven­tions are sim­i­lar. Once it’s dis­cov­ered it’s easy to see, but not before.

This doc­tor fig­ured out which bones could not self cor­rect them­selves in every direc­tion and fig­ured out how to put them back to the prop­er posi­tion. He also fig­ured out the huge impact of the meningeal sys­tem and its sig­nif­i­cance in cor­rect­ing bod­ies. These are more com­pli­cat­ed top­ics that are bet­ter explained in the DVD we offer.

You have no idea how crit­i­cal his dis­cov­er­ies were and con­tin­ue to be. Imag­ine being able to com­plete­ly restore a person’s mus­cu­loskele­tal sys­tem to nor­mal. Up to this point you might not have even thought about it being a source of your pain. Most doc­tors don’t even con­sid­er it a pos­si­bil­i­ty that your skele­tal sys­tem has any­thing to do with Fibromyal­gia. This is why they’re suc­cess rate is so poor with this con­di­tion and why you won’t find many web­sites like this describ­ing the caus­es of Fibromyal­gia in such detail.

fibroStep3SmallYou might think that this would be bet­ter off han­dled right when a per­son starts care. This can be done, but calm­ing down inflam­ma­tion is more impor­tant in the begin­ning because inflam­ma­tion screws up diges­tion in the first place so to try and cor­rect diges­tion with all the inflam­ma­tion isn’t a great bat­tle to fight.

Cor­rect­ing diges­tion starts with tak­ing diges­tive enzymes with your meal just before eat­ing. These enzymes then help digest your food before the HCL lev­els even start their task in digest­ing food. Since the food is most­ly digest­ed when it leaves the stom­ach, the pan­creas doesn’t have to con­tribute enzymes to any large degree which helps your body con­serve enzymes for thou­sands of oth­er pur­pos­es that con­tribute to health.

If a per­son has heart­burn or acid reflux, that needs to be dealt with before doing the more pow­er­ful diges­tive enzymes. I’ll cov­er this in anoth­er arti­cle at some point. The oth­er rea­son I don’t like work­ing on diges­tion right away is due to the quan­ti­ty of pills that must be tak­en on a dai­ly basis to sim­ply treat the inflam­ma­tion. For exam­ple, the dose of TRMA is four pills three times per day. That’s 12 pills of TRMA. OSTEO is three pills, three times per day. That’s 9 pills. Togeth­er that’s 21 pills just for the inflam­ma­tion. It seems like a lot, but remem­ber these are plant enzymes. They’re just food. But they’re a very pow­er­ful food that serves an incred­i­ble pur­pose for you. Trust me, you’ll love hav­ing them avail­able and you’ll be ner­vous when you’re get­ting close to run­ning out of them. The good news is you don’t have to be on these for­ev­er. Once the inflam­ma­tion is calmed down, you can back off or stop all togeth­er. It depends on how bad your inflam­ma­tion is and how long it takes for you to get to a com­fort­able point with your sen­si­tiv­i­ty or lack there­of.

Now if I added diges­tive enzymes to your treat­ment there would be anoth­er six pills per day. Not hor­ri­ble, but maybe enough to take you over the edge think­ing you’re pop­ping pills all day long.
In sum­ma­ry, I’ve tak­en you through the three step process that must be done to get rid of your Fibromyal­gia. Not only will it help your pain beyond your imag­i­na­tion, it will restore your health to lev­els you’ve only dreamed of every hav­ing again. You sim­ply can­not believe what peo­ple have been telling you. Things like, “You’ll just have to learn to live with it.”

It’s not your fault you got into this predica­ment. Luck­i­ly there’s a way out that’s under­stand­able and more impor­tant­ly works.

If you’re inter­est­ed in learn­ing more you can order the DVD below and learn every­thing you need to know about the method I use to treat peo­ple mechan­i­cal­ly. The inflam­ma­to­ry con­cepts I described here are great descrip­tions that don’t need much more expla­na­tion.

If you’re inter­est­ed in get­ting care by me for your Fibromyal­gia, give us a call at (608) 277‑1975 and sched­ule an appoint­ment right away. We can get you start­ed with the anti-inflam­ma­to­ry enzymes on day one, plus get you treat­ed with the chi­ro­prac­tic approach I dis­cussed above.
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How­ev­er, most of you read­ing this will not want to come to Madi­son, Wis­con­sin to get treat­ed. So here is what I sug­gest. Order the DVD and learn what goes wrong in the human body struc­tural­ly. Then find a doc­tor to cor­rect your struc­ture. Also find a doc­tor to get the enzymes from. I talk about this more here…

Jeff Aber­le, D.C.