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Brain Fog

brainfogSmallBrain Fog is a very com­mon prob­lem that peo­ple just deal with because there is no med­ical cure.

Brain fog is described by peo­ple as hav­ing a few char­ac­ter­is­tic symp­toms:

  • Liv­ing with a veil over their exis­tence
  • Can’t think well – slow­er to process info and make deci­sions
  • Feel­ing fuzzy in the eyes or head. Hard­er to lit­er­aly focus their eyes
  • Tired often, but also can’t sleep well at night
  • Feel “dumb­ed down”
Brain fog is due to a mechan­i­cal stretch on your spinal cord and brain stem and can eas­i­ly be cor­rect­ed if your doc­tor knows exact­ly what to do.

This con­cept is explained in great detail in the DVD that you can pur­chase from our web­site. But here are the basics:

Your spinal cord con­nects to your brain­storm and runs the entire length of your spinal col­umn. Your spinal cord is attached at both ends. Up top it’s attached to your brain stem and brain which is stuck in your skull. At the bot­tom it’s attached through all the nerves that branch of the cord to the legs. The cord is pro­tected from injury by the spinal col­umn, but since each ver­te­bra is a move­able bone, prob­lems can arise. Under­stand that the spinal cord is slight­ly stretch­able, but it has it’s lim­its. It’s not that it’s going to rip, but if you get a lit­tle too much stretch on your spinal cord, that stretch can prop­a­gate all the way up to your brain stem and cause Brain Fog. Nerves sim­ply don’t func­tion prop­er­ly even with a mild stretch applied to them.

Under­stand that at the lev­el of the spinal col­umn nerves come off the spinal cord and trav­el through open­ings in the col­umn to go to your organs, mus­cles and every oth­er tis­sue that needs to com­mu­ni­cate with the brain. The cord can­not move up and down with­in the spinal col­umn like a piece of den­tal floss. There­fore if there is dis­tor­tion in the spinal col­umn, the cord can be stretched at that area and the stretch can­not be redis­trib­uted through­out the cord. In a healthy spine, the cord has a lit­tle flex­i­bil­ity, but if your spinal struc­ture gets dis­torted enough, the cord gets stretched beyond its nor­mal amount. This stretch can prop­a­gate all the way up to your brain­storm and cause brain fog. Treat­ing this prob­lem involves reduc­ing the stretch on the cord.

No med­ica­tion will ever touch this because it’s a mechan­i­cal stretch. To try to cor­rect this with med­i­cine would be just as crazy as try­ing to fix a flat tire by chang­ing your oil. It just won’t work.

Often after one or two treat­ments you can say good­bye to your brain fog. You’ll be very relieved that there is actu­ally a cause and solu­tion to this huge­ly annoy­ing and life par­a­lyz­ing con­di­tion.

It’s not a dis­ease. It’s not a chem­i­cal alter­ation in your body. It’s sim­ply a mechan­i­cal stretch of the cord due to poor pos­tural mechan­ics that can be cor­rected with the method described in the DVD.

Even if you’ve tried mul­ti­ple chi­ro­prac­tors, PT’s, mas­sage ther­a­pists, what­ever and haven’t got relief, don’t wor­ry. This method is dif­fer­ent, much dif­fer­ent.