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Brain Fog

brainfogSmallBrain Fog is a very com­mon prob­lem that peo­ple just deal with because there is no med­ical cure.

Brain fog is described by peo­ple as hav­ing a few char­ac­ter­is­tic symptoms:

  • Liv­ing with a veil over their existence
  • Can’t think well – slower to process info and make decisions
  • Feel­ing fuzzy in the eyes or head. Harder to lit­er­aly focus their eyes
  • Tired often, but also can’t sleep well at night
  • Feel “dumbed down”
Brain fog is due to a mechan­i­cal stretch on your spinal cord and brain stem and can easily be corrected if your doctor knows exactly what to do.

This con­cept is explained in great detail in the DVD that you can pur­chase from our web­site. But here are the basics:

Your spinal cord con­nects to your brainstorm and runs the entire length of your spinal col­umn. Your spinal cord is attached at both ends. Up top it’s attached to your brain stem and brain which is stuck in your skull. At the bottom it’s attached through all the nerves that branch of the cord to the legs. The cord is pro­tected from injury by the spinal col­umn, but since each vertebra is a moveable bone, problems can arise. Understand that the spinal cord is slightly stretchable, but it has it’s limits. It’s not that it’s going to rip, but if you get a little too much stretch on your spinal cord, that stretch can propagate all the way up to your brain stem and cause Brain Fog. Nerves simply don’t function properly even with a mild stretch applied to them.

Understand that at the level of the spinal column nerves come off the spinal cord and travel through open­ings in the col­umn to go to your organs, mus­cles and every other tis­sue that needs to com­mu­ni­cate with the brain. The cord can­not move up and down within the spinal col­umn like a piece of den­tal floss. There­fore if there is dis­tor­tion in the spinal col­umn, the cord can be stretched at that area and the stretch can­not be redis­trib­uted through­out the cord. In a healthy spine, the cord has a lit­tle flex­i­bil­ity, but if your spinal struc­ture gets dis­torted enough, the cord gets stretched beyond its nor­mal amount. This stretch can propagate all the way up to your brainstorm and cause brain fog. Treating this problem involves reducing the stretch on the cord.

No med­ica­tion will ever touch this because it’s a mechan­i­cal stretch. To try to cor­rect this with med­i­cine would be just as crazy as try­ing to fix a flat tire by chang­ing your oil. It just won’t work.

Often after one or two treat­ments you can say good­bye to your brain fog. You’ll be very relieved that there is actu­ally a cause and solu­tion to this hugely annoy­ing and life par­a­lyz­ing condition.

It’s not a dis­ease. It’s not a chem­i­cal alter­ation in your body. It’s sim­ply a mechan­i­cal stretch of the cord due to poor pos­tural mechan­ics that can be cor­rected with the method described in the DVD.

Even if you’ve tried mul­ti­ple chi­ro­prac­tors, PT’s, mas­sage ther­a­pists, what­ever and haven’t got relief, don’t worry. This method is dif­fer­ent, much different.