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Feeling Good

I had a patient come in today that has been suf­fer­ing with Fibromyal­gia for many years. She’s had a tough life with lots of stress and it was under­stand­able that her body was giv­ing her a laun­dry list of prob­lems. Today she came in and actu­al­ly said she’s been feel­ing good. Do you have any idea how hap­py she is? Her entire high strung life is still there, but she’s able to cope with it much bet­ter because her body isn’t part of the prob­lem.

Fibromyal­gia is actu­al­ly an easy prob­lem to cor­rect, but there are two prob­lems hold­ing back the solu­tions to the world. First, is admit­ting that Fibromyal­gia has at its root, huge mechan­i­cal prob­lems that only a hand­ful of doc­tors know how to cor­rect. Sec­ond, is admit­ting that there are chem­i­cal prob­lems that mod­ern med­i­cine can­not and will not correct…EVER.

Once you admit that these two prob­lems exist, you’re on your way to get­ting your body fixed. As I said ear­li­er, Fibromyal­gia is an easy prob­lem to cor­rect. It’s not a dis­ease in my opin­ion, but is a huge prob­lem. And don’t let any­one tell you oth­er­wise. It can­not be ignored. It will not go away on its own. It will get worse with time, not bet­ter. It will be a part of your life, until you cor­rect the root caus­es. This is not to be depress­ing, but inspi­ra­tional. At least you know there is a way to cor­rect this com­mon and ever grow­ing prob­lem. Once peo­ple final­ly say, “I’ve had it”, do they do some­thing about it. This goes with many dif­fer­ent con­di­tions and annoy­ances peo­ple put up with every minute of their lives. Headaches, back pain, fatigue, depression…the list goes on and on. Until you get to the point where you’ve had it, it’s too easy to con­tin­ue doing the same thing day after day. Putting off what needs to be done.

You can FEEL GOOD again. Write your com­ments from these blogs. I will respond direct­ly to your ques­tions. I look for­ward to hear­ing from you.

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