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I thought I needed coffee until I got Adjusted

Just yes­ter­day a prac­tice mem­ber comes in for an adjust­ment. He says that he’s tired so I told him there was a Star­bucks down the road and he should go. Then I start­ed treat­ing him. I did a meningeal release and did the First Rib Manuev­er™ and then did his C7 ver­te­bra. He said he wasn’t tired any­more.

I said, “Do you know what that means?”

He said, “No”

I said, “That means you had a stretch on your brain­stem due to C7 being out and I just took the stretch off your cord.” He was stunned.

Then as I ran the ABC™ pro­to­col I even­tu­al­ly got down to L5 in his low back. I treat­ed it and in the process pulled C7 for­ward again. Sure enough he was tired again. I told him that would go away at the end when I redid C7. (This is all part of the pro­to­col)

Sure enough, I checked and cor­rect­ed his pelvis, hips and feet and a few oth­er things. Last thing to do was C7 and the lights turned back on again. He told me he wouldn’t have believed it had he not expe­ri­enced it him­self.

Now does every­one get ener­gy when they get their C7 adjust­ed? No. But they do feel much more relaxed after get­ting treat­ed and some­times are actu­al­ly more tired now that the body stress is removed.

Fatigue is so com­mon. Insom­nia is so com­mon. Ener­gy drinks are tak­en like can­dy. Every­one is so STRESSED OUT.

Improve your body align­ment with ABC™ and you’ll be stunned at how much bet­ter you can feel. Over­time as your body gets more unwound, you feel bet­ter and bet­ter. Be patient. It can take time to undo 30, 40, 50, 60 years of dam­age and old injuries.

Fatigue and Insom­nia can come from the same thing and that’s stretch­ing of the spinal cord caus­ing a stretch on your brain­stem. Your brain­stem is the most impor­tant part of your brain since it han­dles all the basics of life like breath­ing, heart rate, blood ves­sel diam­e­ter, and so much more. It han­dles every­thing that’s auto­mat­ic for us so we don’t have to think about it. When there’s a stretch placed on the brain­stem, your in a lit­tle bit of trou­ble. It won’t end your life, but it will put huge obsta­cles in the way of improv­ing your health.

Fatigue is from the stretch­ing of the cord and brain­stem. Insom­nia is also from the stretch­ing of the cord and brain­stem. You get the worst of two worlds with this. You’re tired all day long, yet you can’t sleep well at night because there’s anoth­er struc­ture in your brain­stem called the Retic­u­lar For­ma­tion and it has the job of keep­ing us alert and ready. Well when there’s a stretch on the brain­stem, this struc­ture keeps fir­ing and keeps us alert even when we’re dead tired. There’s no way to win in this game until the stretch comes off the cord.

Are there oth­er rea­sons for fatigue and insom­nia? Yes there are. Adren­al fatigue will give you the same effects. Prob­lem is, when a per­son has so much stretch on their cord, it usu­al­ly means there body struc­ture is a wreck as well. This caus­es the adren­al glands to fatigue and get very stressed out. The prob­lem is now self per­pet­u­at­ing to some degree. The adren­al glands can be reju­ve­nat­ed. The spine can have the stretch tak­en off with ABC™ care.

Check out the oth­er blogs and find an ABC™ doc­tor near you and start get­ting treat­ment ASAP.

Fatigue and Insom­nia don’t have to be your dai­ly con­di­tion. Fatigue and insom­nia are com­mon among Fibromyal­gia suf­fer­ers, but oth­er have this same prob­lem as well. Both Fibromyal­gia and non-Fibromyal­gia groups can have this exact same prob­lem going on. The dif­fer­ence is do you have all the inflam­ma­tion and oth­er prob­lems along with it.

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