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insomniaHere’s what most of you experience:

During the day you’re high strung and tired and all you want to do is sleep. But at night you’re high strung and tired, and cannot fall asleep. Sound about right?

So why is this? There are a couple things. First if you’ve read about inflammation in the pain section of this website, be rest assured your constantly inflamed body is stressing you out big time. It’s contributing to your high strung existence and causing health problems that you don’t even realize yet.

Second, the mechanical problems you have in your spinal structure are messing with your nervous system in the most fundamental ways possible and making deep sleep virtually impossible. If you’ve read my article on Brain Fog you have a clue as to what I’m talking about. Remember from basic anatomy class in high school that the purpose of the brain is to control what the rest of your body does. Your brain talks to every organ in your body. Your organs send messages back to the brain telling it what’s happening. There is a constant communication with billions of impulses per second happening that you and I are completely unaware of.

But when that messaging system is interfered with, you’ll suffer. You won’t sleep well, you won’t digest food well, your liver/kidneys/heart/spleen, etc, won’t work well. You’re entire body will be existing in a substandard state. Symptoms are the result of this ill functioning body. Most people want to stop the symptoms with medications which often help, but never ever, ever fix the problem.

When you follow my protocol for solving Fibromyalgia, you’ll start sleeping much better. You’ll be more awake during the day. You won’t have that “out of it” feeling. You’ll actually start enjoying life because your body is starting to work better than it has in years. I know it sounds hard to believe, but that’s because you haven’t experienced it.