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stressedSmallFibromyal­gia is stress­ful. Very stress­ful. To be in con­stant pain is a hor­ri­ble way to go through life. I used to be an elec­tri­cal and com­put­er engi­neer. I left the pro­fes­sion to find a solu­tion to my chron­ic pain. I didn’t have all over sen­si­tiv­i­ty, but my back hurt in sev­er­al places and I just couldn’t get it to go away. Back in col­lege I was tak­ing Ibupro­fen and Tylenol togeth­er just to take the edge off.

It took me twelve years of being in the chi­ro­prac­tic pro­fes­sion to final­ly meet some­one who could help me restore my health. I can­not thank this per­son enough. He’s the doc­tor that nar­rates the entire DVD that I offer on this web­site. If you’ve read some of my oth­er pieces, I state that I put this man on the same plat­form as Ein­stein, Edi­son and Ford. You might laugh at that a lit­tle, but once you’ve expe­ri­enced the work he devel­oped on your own body you will change your mind. It can take some time, but your body can be restored. Your stress lev­els can come down. You can get your life back. You’ll be able to han­dle the oth­er stress­es of life much bet­ter once your pain lev­els come down and/or go away com­plete­ly.

The doc­tor of the future will give no med­i­cine but will inter­est his patients in the care of the human frame (spine), in diet and in the cause and pre­ven­tion of dis­ease.
~Thomas Edi­son

I couldn’t have said this any bet­ter. Being a chi­ro­prac­tor it would sound self serv­ing. I’ve devot­ed my life to help­ing oth­ers fix their bod­i­ly aches and pains. It’s tak­en me a long time and my hope with this web­site is to save you a life­time of pain and suf­fer­ing.

How much would you pay right now to be done with your pain?

  • $100?
  • $1000?
  • $10,000?
  • $100,000?

It’s not a dumb ques­tion to ask. What’s mon­ey, if you can’t enjoy life. From rough cal­cu­la­tions I’ve fig­ured out that I spent close to a half mil­lion dol­lars solv­ing my back prob­lems. How did I fig­ure that out. Easy. I look at how much I would have made as an engi­neer had I not gone to chi­ro­prac­tic school. Dur­ing that five years I would have made $300,000 at least. Chi­ro­prac­tic school itself was $100,000. Now that did include liv­ing expens­es for that five years, but I got through chi­ro­prac­tic school fast because I didn’t have to work. Then when you con­sid­er all the lost income from start­ing up a chi­ro­prac­tic busi­ness, not to men­tion the loss of a high­er salary from not being an engi­neer. I’m close to if not over a half mil­lion dol­lars. That’s how much I was will­ing to spend to find the answers I need­ed.

Please take the time to review this web­site thor­ough­ly. Buy the DVD and save your­self a lot of time and suf­fer­ing. It’s inex­pen­sive and I offer a 100% mon­ey back guar­an­tee if you’re not sat­is­fied with it. The only thing you’ll pay if you send it back is the return ship­ping for a few dol­lars.

Fibromyal­gia is a huge stress to your body. You’ll age much faster. You won’t enjoy life to its fullest. Don’t do that. Please…