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Why would you want to live with Fibromyalgia

Why live with Fibromyal­gia if you can get rid of it? I’m not say­ing every case of Fibromyal­gia is going to be sim­ple, but a large com­po­nent of Fibromyal­gia is mechan­i­cal prob­lems that few doc­tors even rec­og­nize as a cause. This is why there are a lot […]

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Feeling Good

I had a patient come in today that has been suf­fer­ing with Fibromyal­gia for many years. She’s had a tough life with lots of stress and it was under­stand­able that her body was giv­ing her a laun­dry list of prob­lems. Today she came in and actu­al­ly said […]

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Welcome to

If you’re read­ing this you either have Fibromyal­gia or you’re in a lot of pain and you think you might have Fibromyal­gia. On this web­site you’re going to learn what caus­es this nasty con­di­tion that makes life much less pleas­ant. There is a rea­son peo­ple suf­fer with this […]

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