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I thought I needed coffee until I got Adjusted

Just yes­ter­day a prac­tice mem­ber comes in for an adjust­ment. He says that he’s tired so I told him there was a Star­bucks down the road and he should go. Then I start­ed treat­ing him. I did a meningeal release and did the First Rib Manuev­er™ and […]

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The Two Treatment Methods You Need to Solve Fibromyalgia

I know my office is way too far for many of you to get to. Don’t wor­ry. The two meth­ods of treat­ment you need are list­ed below. You can find the right peo­ple to treat you. The method used to fix your mechan­i­cal prob­lems is so crit­i­cal. […]

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