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The Two Treatment Methods You Need to Solve Fibromyalgia

I know my office is way too far for many of you to get to. Don’t worry. The two methods of treatment you need are listed below. You can find the right people to treat you.

The method used to fix your mechanical problems is so critical. I cannot emphasize this enough. Just because I’m a chiropractor DOES NOT mean you can go to any chiropractor and get the help you need. In fact, you’ve already probably tried chiropractic and it’s failed you. I understand and empathize since I had the wrong type of chiropractic for many years. Over that time my muscles became harder, not softer.

It wasn’t until I met Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz that my life turned around. You have to understand what it’s like to finally get pain relief. Not to get too emotional here, but my life was a wreck. Not financially, but physically. And if you’re in pain you know exactly what I mean. Being in physical pain all the time is the absolute worst thing you can have compared to physical torture. Breaking a leg of course hurts more, temporarily. But having constant pain, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year wears on a person.

When I got my first adjustment by Dr. Jutkowitz, my life changed. His method of correcting bodies is the only way of doing it. I promise you that. Can you get relief from other methods? Yes, you can. But the problems always come back and you don’t get any forward progress. Actually, you tend to get worse for reasons explained in the DVD that you can order here.

You can learn more about Dr. Jutkowitz and his work at and . The first site is geared towards the general public. The second site is geared towards doctors who want to learn his method.

Correcting your body mechanically is the single most important thing you can do to help your pain. When you’re screwed up mechanically, nothing else is going to work well. You’ll realize after you watch the DVD that when you have spinal misalignment’s your spinal cord is stretched in some areas and not in others. This stretching of your cord causes poor function in your entire body. You absolutely must get this corrected. You can find providers of this work at:

As for getting the enzymes to calm down your inflammation you can visit: and find practitioners that know the enzyme work very well. You might get lucky and find a doctor that knows both. Either way, they could get you the enzyme products I refer to in the body pain webpage.

It’s more important to get the structural work however. Since I’m the only Fibromyalgia doctor in Madison Wisconsin that’s doing this method of structural work, I seem to have an edge over other doctors. Basically what I’m saying is if you have to chose, you chose structure. Until that is handled you will continue to suffer.

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