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What Can You Do On Your Own To Treat Fibromyalgia

There are several things you can do on your own to help with your Fibromyalgia symptoms. If you’ve read the home page of this site you now understand that there’s a nutritional problem and a mechanical problem that need fixing and your Fibromyalgia will go away. You can handle these two problems a little bit on your own. The true mechanical problems you cannot correct on your own. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

The one thing you can do mechanically is increase your overall strength so you can compensate better for your poor underlying mechanics. Simply doing exercises to strengthen your back, arms and legs can help with the pain. Not right away of course, but over a few weeks of doing strengthening exercise, you’ll feel some improvement. The true fix is to actually get your mechanical problems handled. This is explained in depth on the DVD we offer on this site.

The nutritional problems, on the other hand, can be treated to some degree on your own. The first thing you need to do is find some enzyme formulations. A very popular one is called WobenzymeWobenzymN. This is a combination product of enzymes which will help with your pain. It’s used in European countries all the time for painful conditions. If you search around you’ll find other enzyme products. You’re looking for the enzyme Protease. Both Wobenzym and Protease must be taken on empty stomach so they don’t get ‘wasted’ on digesting your food. I say wasted in quotes, because that’s not actually a waste, but if you use the enzymes to digest your food, you’re not going to get the pain relief right away.

The only warning with protease is that it can bother your stomach. Let me explain. Your stomach is supposed to have a protective layer of mucous on the inside that protects the actual stomach tissue from the digestive effects of the acid and enzymes. Think of this as a layer of Vasoline on the inside of the stomach that protects the delicate tissue of the stomach.

Many people don’t have a good Vasoline layer. Some have almost none. In fact, if you have ulcers, then you’ve lost the protective layer in the ulcerated area. How good do you think protease enzymes would feel on the ulcerated area? Terrible. There’s an easy way to test if a person has ulcers or not and that is to give them protease with some food. Here’s what happens. Since there’s food, the stomach now needs to digest it. The food, protease and hydrochloric acid work in the stomach to digest the food. If there’s an ulcer, the person will have a lot of pain. That’s how you can tell if there’s an ulcer. Give them some milk and they’ll feel better.

However if you simply take enzymes by themselves, the body doesn’t try to digest them. No one knows why. Instead they go right past the stomach into your small intestines where they’re absorbed within a half hour or so. Therefore, even if you have a bad stomach, the protease won’t bother you much if at all. If you’re in doubt, just start out slow with these products and see if they bother your stomach.

The trick is to take them on an empty stomach so they get into your body right away and help with the inflammation that’s driving your pain.

Now if you don’t get a lot of relief from these suggestions, DO NOT WORRY. You simply have much more going on and need professional help. This was the situation I was in years ago before I found the method of treatment that could actually correct me. This is the method that’s explained in the DVD we offer on this site. I cannot begin to tell you how revolutionary this method is. If you’ve read the front page of this site, I get into the brilliance of this method. Nothing else will correct you and provide long term relief. But again, this is the mechanical stuff.

As for the nutritional help, the two products I offer are awesome and you cannot find them online unfortunately. If you cannot chose me as your doctor due to distance, I can help you find someone in your area possibly. My practice is in Madison, Wisconsin. If you’re a health care provider, you can get the products I’m referring to directly from the manufacturer.

Just remember, there is a workable way of correcting your problem. The things that stop people from getting rid of their Fibromyalgia are Time, Money, Motivation, Belief that it won’t work and Distance from a specific doctor with the knowledge to correct them. Don’t let these things stop you if you can.

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