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What Can You Do On Your Own To Treat Fibromyalgia

There are sev­er­al things you can do on your own to help with your Fibromyal­gia symp­toms. If you’ve read the home page of this site you now under­stand that there’s a nutri­tion­al prob­lem and a mechan­i­cal prob­lem that need fix­ing and your Fibromyal­gia will go away. You can han­dle these two prob­lems a lit­tle bit on your own. The true mechan­i­cal prob­lems you can­not cor­rect on your own. I’m sor­ry, but that’s the way it is.

The one thing you can do mechan­i­cal­ly is increase your over­all strength so you can com­pen­sate bet­ter for your poor under­ly­ing mechan­ics. Sim­ply doing exer­cis­es to strength­en your back, arms and legs can help with the pain. Not right away of course, but over a few weeks of doing strength­en­ing exer­cise, you’ll feel some improve­ment. The true fix is to actu­al­ly get your mechan­i­cal prob­lems han­dled. This is explained in depth on the DVD we offer on this site.

The nutri­tion­al prob­lems, on the oth­er hand, can be treat­ed to some degree on your own. The first thing you need to do is find some enzyme for­mu­la­tions. A very pop­u­lar one is called Woben­zymeWobenzymN. This is a com­bi­na­tion prod­uct of enzymes which will help with your pain. It’s used in Euro­pean coun­tries all the time for painful con­di­tions. If you search around you’ll find oth­er enzyme prod­ucts. You’re look­ing for the enzyme Pro­tease. Both Woben­zym and Pro­tease must be tak­en on emp­ty stom­ach so they don’t get ‘wast­ed’ on digest­ing your food. I say wast­ed in quotes, because that’s not actu­al­ly a waste, but if you use the enzymes to digest your food, you’re not going to get the pain relief right away.

The only warn­ing with pro­tease is that it can both­er your stom­ach. Let me explain. Your stom­ach is sup­posed to have a pro­tec­tive lay­er of mucous on the inside that pro­tects the actu­al stom­ach tis­sue from the diges­tive effects of the acid and enzymes. Think of this as a lay­er of Vaso­line on the inside of the stom­ach that pro­tects the del­i­cate tis­sue of the stom­ach.

Many peo­ple don’t have a good Vaso­line lay­er. Some have almost none. In fact, if you have ulcers, then you’ve lost the pro­tec­tive lay­er in the ulcer­at­ed area. How good do you think pro­tease enzymes would feel on the ulcer­at­ed area? Ter­ri­ble. There’s an easy way to test if a per­son has ulcers or not and that is to give them pro­tease with some food. Here’s what hap­pens. Since there’s food, the stom­ach now needs to digest it. The food, pro­tease and hydrochlo­ric acid work in the stom­ach to digest the food. If there’s an ulcer, the per­son will have a lot of pain. That’s how you can tell if there’s an ulcer. Give them some milk and they’ll feel bet­ter.

How­ev­er if you sim­ply take enzymes by them­selves, the body doesn’t try to digest them. No one knows why. Instead they go right past the stom­ach into your small intestines where they’re absorbed with­in a half hour or so. There­fore, even if you have a bad stom­ach, the pro­tease won’t both­er you much if at all. If you’re in doubt, just start out slow with these prod­ucts and see if they both­er your stom­ach.

The trick is to take them on an emp­ty stom­ach so they get into your body right away and help with the inflam­ma­tion that’s dri­ving your pain.

Now if you don’t get a lot of relief from these sug­ges­tions, DO NOT WORRY. You sim­ply have much more going on and need pro­fes­sion­al help. This was the sit­u­a­tion I was in years ago before I found the method of treat­ment that could actu­al­ly cor­rect me. This is the method that’s explained in the DVD we offer on this site. I can­not begin to tell you how rev­o­lu­tion­ary this method is. If you’ve read the front page of this site, I get into the bril­liance of this method. Noth­ing else will cor­rect you and pro­vide long term relief. But again, this is the mechan­i­cal stuff.

As for the nutri­tion­al help, the two prod­ucts I offer are awe­some and you can­not find them online unfor­tu­nate­ly. If you can­not chose me as your doc­tor due to dis­tance, I can help you find some­one in your area pos­si­bly. My prac­tice is in Madi­son, Wis­con­sin. If you’re a health care provider, you can get the prod­ucts I’m refer­ring to direct­ly from the man­u­fac­tur­er.

Just remem­ber, there is a work­able way of cor­rect­ing your prob­lem. The things that stop peo­ple from get­ting rid of their Fibromyal­gia are Time, Mon­ey, Moti­va­tion, Belief that it won’t work and Dis­tance from a spe­cif­ic doc­tor with the knowl­edge to cor­rect them. Don’t let these things stop you if you can.

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