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When People Think You’re Nuts

The most frus­trat­ing and depress­ing thing is when peo­ple or doc­tors don’t believe that you hurt as much as you do. This hap­pens all the time with Fibromyal­gia. Know Why? Because there isn’t a test you can do to diag­nose Fibromyal­gia. Seems like a bum­mer. But there are tests that can be done. It’s just that they’re not typ­i­cal blood tests or MRI’s or CAT scans or ultra­sounds or any com­bi­na­tion of the many med­ical tests that exist. But I’m get­ting off track.

When a loved one or a friend doesn’t under­stand what you’re going through it’s hard not to get angry with them. What’s even more frus­trat­ing is when you find a ther­a­py that’s work­ing and they still don’t believe you unless there’s a night and day dif­fer­ence in you that takes five min­utes to accom­plish and costs less then a buck.

Under­stand that your Fibromyal­gia didn’t devel­op overnight and it won’t go away overnight either. The symp­toms of FM can change quick­ly, but the under­ly­ing prob­lems take a while to work through to real­ly cre­ate the long term change you’re look­ing for. When a spouse or friend gives the impres­sion you’re exag­ger­at­ing your pain or try­ing to get out of work or some­thing, that can be real­ly frus­trat­ing. If they don’t have FM, they can’t under­stand it and nev­er will. Stop try­ing to explain it to them. If they’re con­stant­ly crit­i­ciz­ing you or beat­ing you down emo­tion­al­ly, that could be part of your trou­bles. It’s time to get help to resolve the prob­lem or remove your­self from it. I’m not at all say­ing your prob­lems are in your head. Don’t get me wrong. But being under con­stant stress destroys your health slow­ly and con­tributes to Fibromyal­gia.

If you don’t have these types of stress­es and still have FM, don’t wor­ry, the true prob­lems are obvi­ous and described on this web­site. If you still can’t find a friend who can under­stand what you’re going through, you could always join a sup­port group and con­nect with peo­ple going through sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tions. It real­ly can be a big help. You’re not nuts. Fibromyal­gia is real. Most peo­ple aren’t going to under­stand it so don’t try. Stay pos­i­tive and get help.

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