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Why would you want to live with Fibromyalgia

Why live with Fibromyalgia if you can get rid of it? I’m not saying every case of Fibromyalgia is going to be simple, but a large component of Fibromyalgia is mechanical problems that few doctors even recognize as a cause. This is why there are a lot of websites that help support you instead of telling you how to get corrected.

Support groups can be awesome. They allow you to relate to other people with similar if not identical complaints. Often times, your family doesn’t understand what you’re going through except to a minor degree. Yet when you find someone to connect with, it can make a huge difference in your life.

As you look at Fibromyalgia websites, you’ll notice a common theme that says there is no cure or solution. And that doctors are on the cutting edge of research trying to find a cause for Fibromyalgia. I like to use Occam’s razor as a point of reference. In simple language this means, “The simplest solution is usually correct.”

If you just step back from all the science and testing that we’ve come to expect from scientists and just look at things very simplistically you can see that Fibromyalgia is fairly simple to visualize. When someone is in pain there are only a few reasons for it.

1) Tissue has been damaged like from a burn, cut or frostbite.
2) Tissue is constantly irritated like with a shoe that doesn’t fit and continuously rubs on flesh or bone.
3) Tissue is chemically irritated inside your body with inflammatory chemicals. This is why aspirin, ibuprofen and pain medications work so well. Now this chemical stuff happens with 1 and 2 above as well.
4) Tissues are deprived of oxygen to a large enough degree that they start hurting. This happens especially in muscles.
5) Nerves are stretched or pinched

With Fibromyalgia we can rule out (1) above because you haven’t been burned or cut.
With Fibromyalgia you can rule out (2) because what would be rubbing over flesh or bone?
With Fibromyalgia you definitely have (3). You know this because pain killers help you. If there was no chemical problem, pain killers would do nothing.
With Fibromyalgia you definitely have (4). This is why your muscles hurt so much. But why the loss of oxygen?

Because, when your structure is twisted up and your bones don’t support you well, your muscles have to support you 24/7. Now this is not just support against gravity. If it were, you wouldn’t hurt at night. Instead it’s support against gravity and all the twists and misalignment’s you have in your skeletal system that your muscles have to maintain even while sleeping. When muscles are always contracted, they cut off their own blood supply to some degree and cause pain.

If you look at an individual muscle you have to wonder how it gets blood to feed every cell in the muscle. To do this, the body cannot just run blood vessels on the outside of the muscle and hope that the oxygen and food from the blood stream migrate into the muscle on their own. No no no. Instead the body runs blood vessels deep inside the muscle to feed the highly metabolic tissue. When your muscles contract, these blood vessels cannot pump as much blood because they’re squished from the enormous pressure from the contracting muscle. This causes your muscles to hurt and be sore especially with long term contraction.

I was at a Walmart one day and was carrying stuff in my left arm that was bent up to help hold the things I was buying against my chest. I walked around for a while and eventually got to the check out. When I put the stuff down, my arm did not go with it. In fact, it hurt a lot to even stretch it open at all. I was shocked that just 5 minutes or so of having my arm be in this mild, yet longer contraction, that I’d have so much pain. It took several minutes to get the blood flow back and the muscle to stop hurting. Do you realize what this is? It’s a mild form of Rigamortis defined as: Muscular stiffening following death, resulting from the unavailability of energy needed to interrupt contraction of the muscle fibers.

Isn’t this awesome? Oxygen is needed to create the energy to keep muscles relaxed. When the oxygen levels go down, muscles tighten up some. Not always to the same levels of Rigamortis, but enough to hurt. This is all due to poor structure. This is why Posture is of the utmost importance to you. This is why trying to hold yourself up straighter is the dumbest thing you could do because you’re asking your muscles to do even more which will INCREASE YOUR PAIN, not decrease it.

As your spinal mechanics improve, your muscles can relax more and more and pain levels come down. But only with the method of correction that I talk about on this website will do this. Other methods of treatment can shift things around in your body and make you feel better temporarily, but they will not produce long lasting benefits with the eventual goal of getting rid of your Fibromyalgia. The discussion up till now has been about (4) in the list above dealing with less oxygen causing painful muscles.

Number (5) in the list above talks about nerves being stretched causing pain. This is clearly due to mechanical stretching of nerves and is all due to poor structure once again. Improve your structure and the nerve pains go away. No injections, pain blockers, surgery’s, nothing. Nothing else is needed in most cases. Improving structure, by improving your natural relaxed posture using the ABC method, and all the nerve “stuff” goes away. Seems like a miracle, but not when you understand what’s actually happening. This is all explained with animations and graphics in the DVD that you can purchase here.

Number (3) in the list above is handled by getting rid of the inflammation in your body. Actually going after the true cause of the inflammation, which is an autoimmune reaction your body mounts in defense of undigested proteins. I talk about this in detail on the Body Pain page on this site.

To me all of these reasons are obvious and easy to correct knowing what I know. But if we wait for scientists to figure out what’s causing Fibromyalgia, we’ll be waiting for a long time. They’re looking for something cooler, like a genetic mutation that trips and all of a sudden you have Fibromyalgia. Or they’re looking for a new drug to calm down your nerves so you don’t hurt so much. None of this will work because most of Fibromyalgia is a mechanical problem that needs to be corrected in a mechanical way. To correct this you need boney manipulation to reposition your spinal bones and correct the bones that your body cannot self correct because it does not have muscles to reposition the bone. Chiropractors are the best suited to correct these things with the training we’ve had. Osteopaths and Physical Therapists are next on the list, but the profession is irrelevant. It’s the method of correction that is key. That’s what ABC™ is all about.

Then solve the inflammatory problems and together you can solve Fibromyalgia and slowly restore your life and yes, “Get Rid of Fibromyalgia”. It’s not a death sentence. It’s not something you have to live with forever. It doesn’t have to control your life anymore.

The answer to solving Fibromyalgia  already exist. There is no more research to do. There’s a mechanical problem and a chemical problem. Period.

Get the DVD and learn what you’re missing. Then get care from a doctor that can do the work.

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