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Why would you want to live with Fibromyalgia

Why live with Fibromyal­gia if you can get rid of it? I’m not say­ing every case of Fibromyal­gia is going to be sim­ple, but a large com­po­nent of Fibromyal­gia is mechan­i­cal prob­lems that few doc­tors even rec­og­nize as a cause. This is why there are a lot of web­sites that help sup­port you instead of telling you how to get cor­rect­ed.

Sup­port groups can be awe­some. They allow you to relate to oth­er peo­ple with sim­i­lar if not iden­ti­cal com­plaints. Often times, your fam­i­ly doesn’t under­stand what you’re going through except to a minor degree. Yet when you find some­one to con­nect with, it can make a huge dif­fer­ence in your life.

As you look at Fibromyal­gia web­sites, you’ll notice a com­mon theme that says there is no cure or solu­tion. And that doc­tors are on the cut­ting edge of research try­ing to find a cause for Fibromyal­gia. I like to use Occam’s razor as a point of ref­er­ence. In sim­ple lan­guage this means, “The sim­plest solu­tion is usu­al­ly cor­rect.”

If you just step back from all the sci­ence and test­ing that we’ve come to expect from sci­en­tists and just look at things very sim­plis­ti­cal­ly you can see that Fibromyal­gia is fair­ly sim­ple to visu­al­ize. When some­one is in pain there are only a few rea­sons for it.

1) Tis­sue has been dam­aged like from a burn, cut or frost­bite.
2) Tis­sue is con­stant­ly irri­tat­ed like with a shoe that doesn’t fit and con­tin­u­ous­ly rubs on flesh or bone.
3) Tis­sue is chem­i­cal­ly irri­tat­ed inside your body with inflam­ma­to­ry chem­i­cals. This is why aspirin, ibupro­fen and pain med­ica­tions work so well. Now this chem­i­cal stuff hap­pens with 1 and 2 above as well.
4) Tis­sues are deprived of oxy­gen to a large enough degree that they start hurt­ing. This hap­pens espe­cial­ly in mus­cles.
5) Nerves are stretched or pinched

With Fibromyal­gia we can rule out (1) above because you haven’t been burned or cut.
With Fibromyal­gia you can rule out (2) because what would be rub­bing over flesh or bone?
With Fibromyal­gia you def­i­nite­ly have (3). You know this because pain killers help you. If there was no chem­i­cal prob­lem, pain killers would do noth­ing.
With Fibromyal­gia you def­i­nite­ly have (4). This is why your mus­cles hurt so much. But why the loss of oxy­gen?

Because, when your struc­ture is twist­ed up and your bones don’t sup­port you well, your mus­cles have to sup­port you 24/7. Now this is not just sup­port against grav­i­ty. If it were, you wouldn’t hurt at night. Instead it’s sup­port against grav­i­ty and all the twists and misalignment’s you have in your skele­tal sys­tem that your mus­cles have to main­tain even while sleep­ing. When mus­cles are always con­tract­ed, they cut off their own blood sup­ply to some degree and cause pain.

If you look at an indi­vid­ual mus­cle you have to won­der how it gets blood to feed every cell in the mus­cle. To do this, the body can­not just run blood ves­sels on the out­side of the mus­cle and hope that the oxy­gen and food from the blood stream migrate into the mus­cle on their own. No no no. Instead the body runs blood ves­sels deep inside the mus­cle to feed the high­ly meta­bol­ic tis­sue. When your mus­cles con­tract, these blood ves­sels can­not pump as much blood because they’re squished from the enor­mous pres­sure from the con­tract­ing mus­cle. This caus­es your mus­cles to hurt and be sore espe­cial­ly with long term con­trac­tion.

I was at a Wal­mart one day and was car­ry­ing stuff in my left arm that was bent up to help hold the things I was buy­ing against my chest. I walked around for a while and even­tu­al­ly got to the check out. When I put the stuff down, my arm did not go with it. In fact, it hurt a lot to even stretch it open at all. I was shocked that just 5 min­utes or so of hav­ing my arm be in this mild, yet longer con­trac­tion, that I’d have so much pain. It took sev­er­al min­utes to get the blood flow back and the mus­cle to stop hurt­ing. Do you real­ize what this is? It’s a mild form of Rig­amor­tis defined as: Mus­cu­lar stiff­en­ing fol­low­ing death, result­ing from the unavail­abil­i­ty of ener­gy need­ed to inter­rupt con­trac­tion of the mus­cle fibers.

Isn’t this awe­some? Oxy­gen is need­ed to cre­ate the ener­gy to keep mus­cles relaxed. When the oxy­gen lev­els go down, mus­cles tight­en up some. Not always to the same lev­els of Rig­amor­tis, but enough to hurt. This is all due to poor struc­ture. This is why Pos­ture is of the utmost impor­tance to you. This is why try­ing to hold your­self up straighter is the dumb­est thing you could do because you’re ask­ing your mus­cles to do even more which will INCREASE YOUR PAIN, not decrease it.

As your spinal mechan­ics improve, your mus­cles can relax more and more and pain lev­els come down. But only with the method of cor­rec­tion that I talk about on this web­site will do this. Oth­er meth­ods of treat­ment can shift things around in your body and make you feel bet­ter tem­porar­i­ly, but they will not pro­duce long last­ing ben­e­fits with the even­tu­al goal of get­ting rid of your Fibromyal­gia. The dis­cus­sion up till now has been about (4) in the list above deal­ing with less oxy­gen caus­ing painful mus­cles.

Num­ber (5) in the list above talks about nerves being stretched caus­ing pain. This is clear­ly due to mechan­i­cal stretch­ing of nerves and is all due to poor struc­ture once again. Improve your struc­ture and the nerve pains go away. No injec­tions, pain block­ers, surgery’s, noth­ing. Noth­ing else is need­ed in most cas­es. Improv­ing struc­ture, by improv­ing your nat­ur­al relaxed pos­ture using the ABC method, and all the nerve “stuff” goes away. Seems like a mir­a­cle, but not when you under­stand what’s actu­al­ly hap­pen­ing. This is all explained with ani­ma­tions and graph­ics in the DVD that you can pur­chase here.

Num­ber (3) in the list above is han­dled by get­ting rid of the inflam­ma­tion in your body. Actu­al­ly going after the true cause of the inflam­ma­tion, which is an autoim­mune reac­tion your body mounts in defense of undi­gest­ed pro­teins. I talk about this in detail on the Body Pain page on this site.

To me all of these rea­sons are obvi­ous and easy to cor­rect know­ing what I know. But if we wait for sci­en­tists to fig­ure out what’s caus­ing Fibromyal­gia, we’ll be wait­ing for a long time. They’re look­ing for some­thing cool­er, like a genet­ic muta­tion that trips and all of a sud­den you have Fibromyal­gia. Or they’re look­ing for a new drug to calm down your nerves so you don’t hurt so much. None of this will work because most of Fibromyal­gia is a mechan­i­cal prob­lem that needs to be cor­rect­ed in a mechan­i­cal way. To cor­rect this you need boney manip­u­la­tion to repo­si­tion your spinal bones and cor­rect the bones that your body can­not self cor­rect because it does not have mus­cles to repo­si­tion the bone. Chi­ro­prac­tors are the best suit­ed to cor­rect these things with the train­ing we’ve had. Osteopaths and Phys­i­cal Ther­a­pists are next on the list, but the pro­fes­sion is irrel­e­vant. It’s the method of cor­rec­tion that is key. That’s what ABC™ is all about.

Then solve the inflam­ma­to­ry prob­lems and togeth­er you can solve Fibromyal­gia and slow­ly restore your life and yes, “Get Rid of Fibromyal­gia”. It’s not a death sen­tence. It’s not some­thing you have to live with for­ev­er. It doesn’t have to con­trol your life any­more.

The answer to solv­ing Fibromyal­gia  already exist. There is no more research to do. There’s a mechan­i­cal prob­lem and a chem­i­cal prob­lem. Peri­od.

Get the DVD and learn what you’re miss­ing. Then get care from a doc­tor that can do the work.

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