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  • Solve Brain Fog

    Brain Fog is due to a mechanical stretching of your brainstem that controls life functions like:

    • Breathing
    • Heart Rate
    • Blood Pressure
    • More...

    Stretching the brainstem makes you feel fuzzy and out of it. Getting rid of Brain Fog is easy...

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  • Insomnia

    Poor sleep contributes to your pain and suffering. This too is related to stretching of your brainstem causing you to feel:

    • Tired and high strung during the day
    • Restless and awake at night
    • Irritable

    A great night sleep can be achieved again...

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  • Stress Points

    Tight and Tender areas hurt and cause psychological stress.

    There is a reason for these tender spots and a way to get rid of them.

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  • Inflamed Tissue

    Even your skin hurts. When someone bumps into you it hurts.

    Your inflammation is easily explained and there are simple solutions for this part of Fibromyalgia.

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  • High Strung - Stressed Out

    How could you not be with:

    • Terrible Sleep
    • Constant Pain
    • Brain Fog
    • Nobody Believes You

    There is a way to end the madness...

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Body Pain

Get rid of your specific pains and full body tenderness that are hallmark signs of Fibromyalgia. Read more

Brain Fog

Can't Think, Fuzzy, Depressed, Anxious, Irritable, Tired, Feel Dumbed Down... Read more

Can't Sleep

During the night you're awake, but during the day you're exhausted. Read more

Stressed Out

You're high strung and stressed out all the time. You can't relax no matter what you do. Read more

Here's what you'll learn about Fibromyalgia:

  • How Full-Body Inflammation is caused from digestive problems
  • How your body creates its own pain and how to correct it
  • How your spinal mechanics make your muscles contract and hurt
  • The role of Magnesium in your healing
  • How enzymes calm down your tenderness
  • How pain medications will never correct your problem

3-Step Solution

FIBROMYALGIA .WORD1_Page_09_Image_0002

Here's What Causes Fibromyalgia in Most Cases

There are two separate problems that cause the body pain you're experiencing. Here's what the typical Fibromyalgia patient experiences. You'll typically have some very specific areas that really hurt. They could be in your upper back, neck, low back, knees...basically anywhere. You might have several of these specific areas. But on top of those specific pains, you have a full body tenderness. For some even their skin hurts. If someone bumps into them it's painful. Even a belt that's too tight causes pain. This is due to inflammation that's affecting your whole body. These two different sources of pain feed one another and need to be handled differently. Lets start with the full body inflammation first. FYI, most of the information below is in the PDF. If that option is easier, you can download it here. In addition, understanding the other symptoms with Fibromyalgia involves knowing what's described below. So this page is a must read for anyone with Fibromyalgia. We'll start by discussing digestion and its role in your tenderness. Afterwards, we'll discuss the mechanical problems, which absolutely need to be corrected. We need to understand how normal digestion works to understand what abnormal digestion is and how it relates to Fibromyalgia. Normal Digestion In an ideal world we would be eating lots of uncooked, unprocessed foods that had lots of enzymes built into the food. Enzymes are proteins and they speed up chemical reactions by hundreds to thousands times faster than the same reactions would take without enzymes. Luckily nature puts these enzymes right in our food to help digest the food. Unfortunately most of our foods today are cooked and processed and void of enzymes. This is a big problem as we will see. In the mouth we start digestion by chewing and adding saliva which contains small amounts of enzymes. The food goes to our stomach where the body adds Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). The body doesn't have a sack of acid waiting for food to work on. Instead the body makes HCL as it's needed by pulling H+ ions out of our blood and CL- ions out of our blood and putting them together in the stomach creating HCL. It takes up to an hour for the HCL to get acidic enough to help with digestion, but while that's happening the enzymes are breaking down our food. After the enzymes and HCL have worked on the food for a while, the stomach starts letting some of its contents enter the duodenum (the first part of the small intestines). Here a lot of "magic" happens. The duodenum has sensors that can tell how well the food has been digested in the stomach. The pancreas then squirts enzymes into the duodenum to further digest the food. How much it squirts in depends on how well the food has been digested. The more enzymes that are needed from the pancreas, the more stressed your body is whether you "feel good" or not. Hopefully you had a lot of enzymes present in the food so the pancreas didn't have to do much. In addition, the gallbladder squirts in bile. Bile is a green fluid and is supposed to be very fluid like and not like molasses. Bile emulsifies the fat in your meal. This is the process of taking a blob of fat and turning it into thousands of little blobs which increases the surface area of the fat and makes digestion much faster and easier. After the duodenum, the digested food enters the really long part of the small intestines where absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream occurs. As long as your food has been properly digested into its smallest pieces, these pieces can cross the intestinal wall into your blood stream. From there the nutrients are delivered to your cells to make new skin, hair, bone, muscle, etc. What's left over in the intestines is waste and you eliminate that on a daily basis hopefully. But what happens when this process doesn't work correctly? What systems fail or work poorly? Do we die or slowly lose health? Can we develop chronic pain syndromes from poor digestion? Poor DigestionHere we see the similar pathway of food going through your system, but now certain parts don't work well. We start in the mouth where our food is depleted of enzymes. Your saliva still adds a small amount of enzymes, but not nearly enough to make up for the loss of enzymes in the food. Hopefully you're chewing your food well, which is often not the case. The enzyme deficient food now goes into your stomach and another problem occurs. People often cannot make enough HCL to digest food properly. Now if you have heartburn and are purposely inhibiting HCL production with medications, you'll doubt me on this. But this is an entirely separate problem with a very easy solution. I'll discuss that in the blog section. What you need to know is that the lack of HCL production further inhibits digestion especially of protein like meat, eggs, etc. After an hour or so, your stomach slowly starts releasing its contents into the duodenum where its sensors realize the food has a long way to go before it's digested. In an attempt to speed up the process, your pancreas secretes a lot of enzymes to mix with the food. Another problem you'll often see is the bile from your gallbladder is thick and sluggish like molasses. This does a poor job at digesting the fats in your food. What are we left with? A lot of undigested food now enters the long tube structure of the small intestines. Now comes the really interesting part. Your body will end up absorbing undigested food particles into the blood which is a very bad thing. The biggest culprit with Fibromyalgia is undigested proteins because they look just like viruses. Viruses are nothing more than proteins and your body cannot tell the difference between viruses and undigested proteins. Your body then attacks these proteins with all the strength of your immune system causing systemic, chronic inflammation in your body. What does this mean to you? Tenderness, pain, hypersensitivity, the need for pain medications, poor sleep, irritability, etc. You have no idea how destructive this is to your body. Chronic inflammation is the start of many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, you name it. Chronic inflammation is the plague that America is dealing with because of our poor diets that have gotten so far away from mother nature it's not even funny. Up till now, I've only discussed the chemical problem with Fibromyalgia because it's the easier thing for people to understand. What's the solution for these chemical problems? There are two parts that ultimately need to be fixed. But the mechanical problems need to be addressed as well. So here's the formula for correcting Fibromyalgia: fibroImageSmallHere's the Three Part formula for correcting Fibromyalgia. I don't use the word cure, because this isn't a disease. Instead, it's a series of things that have happened to you that have you in the predicament you're in right now. Granted, where you're at sets you up for other diseases, but Fibromyalgia on its own I do not consider a disease. Fibromyalgia (FM) is composed of three problems. Inflammation, Poor Structure and Poor Digestion. What I work on first when a person comes to my office is the inflammation and poor structure parts of Fibromyalgia. You'll see why I don't focus on digestion right away in a few minutes. Tackling the inflammation in a chemical manner involves the use of enzymes taken by mouth multiple times a day. Improving structure involves correcting bony misalignments that your body cannot correct on its own. This is not the standard chiropractic that you've probably already tried. It's very unique and almost opposite that of standard chiropractic as you'll see a little later.

Step 1 – Decrease Inflammation

Your tenderness must be addressed right away. Not only to make you feel better quickly, but because inflammation messes with digestion and tightens up your muscles which decreases blood flow to your muscles and makes you hurt more. Luckily treating the inflammation is fairly easy. fibroInflammationSmallI use two products that tackle this problem directly. We discussed before how inflammation is due to your immune system attacking your undigested proteins...basically an autoimmune problem. The solution is to take the enzyme protease on an empty stomach. Protease is the enzyme which digests protein. When you take protease on an empty stomach it goes right past the stomach and into the bloodstream where it finishes digesting your undigested protein molecules. All of a sudden your body has nothing to attack so your inflammation goes down. You start feeling changes usually within a few days to a few weeks. This product is called TRMA which stands for "trauma". There are a lot of other uses for TRMA so if you see other problems clear up, this may be the reason. The other product I use is called OSTEO. This treats the inflammation directly. Together these two products are powerful at inhibiting the inflammation which is driving your pain. You'll also find you start sleeping better and you'll have more energy. You'll also find you are calmer. All this from decreasing inflammation. These products contain enzymes from plants. They're all natural and work great. Fibromyalgia StructureThe next critical step is correcting structure. I do this at the same time as your fighting the inflammation with enzymes. Poor structure causes your muscles to contract and become sore, stiff and painful. You cannot correct FM without doing this. If you could, than pain medications would have much more impact since they decrease inflammation as well...just not on a long lasting basis. Why Structure? I cannot begin to tell you the importance of having great, natural, upright posture. I'm not talking at all about trying to stand up straight and hold your shoulders back. Don't misunderstand. When people hear the word posture, they sit up straight and pull their shoulders back like their parents used to nag them about. Doing this is absolutely ridiculous and causes more problems because you're working so hard to have better posture. I'm talking about simply having good posture without any effort. Without using your muscles at all. In fact all the posture pictures above are taken with these instructions. "Breathe in, breathe out, let your body relax and slump." To actually evaluate posture you don't want the person holding themselves up at all. In fact, you want to take the muscles out of the equation and just see how well their bones hold them up. This is a huge distinction because when any therapist talks about improving posture they're always doing something with muscles. They're strengthening them, massaging them, stretching, etc. Here's the key: "Your muscles have nothing to do with good posture". You can strengthen muscles and hold your posture up with less effort, but you're still holding yourself up instead of just being up. I hope I made the difference perfectly clear. So why do you lose posture? How does it degrade over time so that now, even in bed your muscles hurt due to your twisted up skeletal frame? Twenty years ago, a doctor discovered why bodies go funky and hurt. He discovered the most fundamental problem that no one had addressed in human beings. I liken his discovery to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, to Edison's discovery of the light bulb and to Ford's Model T automobile. And I'm not kidding. Why haven't you heard about his work yet? Because it's hard to change things in this world. Most people don't realize that it took many years before Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was proven and many more years before it was accepted. Like I said, change is hard. The good thing is, you're hearing about it now. Here's what he discovered. That bones can go out of place in directions the body CANNOT self-correct because there's no muscle or group of muscles that can reposition the bone. Sounds fairly simple right? You might even think that all chiropractors are doing this right now, but they're not. Not even close. More specifically he figured out that vertebra CANNOT reposition themselves if they get pushed forward because there's no muscle or group of muscles behind the body that can pull the bone backwards into its original position. There are other bones that cannot reposition themselves either. A great example of this is with your fingers. I'll ask people if they crack their fingers. Most of the time the answer is yes. I'll have them show me. They use their other hand to grab a finger and pull on it. I say great. I then say, "Now do it without the use of your other hand." They can't, unless they use the table or wall to push their finger against, but that's very different than pulling the finger. The same thing goes for your toes. If your body could pull on your toes, you'd have to have a muscle in front of your toes that pull the toes forward. Do you know of any such muscle? Neither do I. Now if you can take this same concept and apply it to your spine, hips, feet and more, you realize the body CANNOT self correct every bony misalignment that occurs. It's physically impossible. How no one realized this before he did is beyond me, but many discoveries and inventions are similar. Once it's discovered it's easy to see, but not before. This doctor figured out which bones could not self correct themselves in every direction and figured out how to put them back to the proper position. He also figured out the huge impact of the meningeal system and its significance in correcting bodies. These are more complicated topics that are better explained in the DVD we offer. You have no idea how critical his discoveries were and continue to be. Imagine being able to completely restore a person’s musculoskeletal system to normal. Up to this point you might not have even thought about it being a source of your pain. Most doctors don't even consider it a possibility that your skeletal system has anything to do with Fibromyalgia. This is why they're success rate is so poor with this condition and why you won't find many websites like this describing the causes of Fibromyalgia in such detail. fibroStep3SmallYou might think that this would be better off handled right when a person starts care. This can be done, but calming down inflammation is more important in the beginning because inflammation screws up digestion in the first place so to try and correct digestion with all the inflammation isn't a great battle to fight. Correcting digestion starts with taking digestive enzymes with your meal just before eating. These enzymes then help digest your food before the HCL levels even start their task in digesting food. Since the food is mostly digested when it leaves the stomach, the pancreas doesn't have to contribute enzymes to any large degree which helps your body conserve enzymes for thousands of other purposes that contribute to health. If a person has heartburn or acid reflux, that needs to be dealt with before doing the more powerful digestive enzymes. I'll cover this in another article at some point. The other reason I don't like working on digestion right away is due to the quantity of pills that must be taken on a daily basis to simply treat the inflammation. For example, the dose of TRMA is four pills three times per day. That's 12 pills of TRMA. OSTEO is three pills, three times per day. That's 9 pills. Together that's 21 pills just for the inflammation. It seems like a lot, but remember these are plant enzymes. They're just food. But they're a very powerful food that serves an incredible purpose for you. Trust me, you'll love having them available and you'll be nervous when you're getting close to running out of them. The good news is you don't have to be on these forever. Once the inflammation is calmed down, you can back off or stop all together. It depends on how bad your inflammation is and how long it takes for you to get to a comfortable point with your sensitivity or lack thereof. Now if I added digestive enzymes to your treatment there would be another six pills per day. Not horrible, but maybe enough to take you over the edge thinking you're popping pills all day long. In summary, I've taken you through the three step process that must be done to get rid of your Fibromyalgia. Not only will it help your pain beyond your imagination, it will restore your health to levels you've only dreamed of every having again. You simply cannot believe what people have been telling you. Things like, "You'll just have to learn to live with it." It's not your fault you got into this predicament. Luckily there's a way out that's understandable and more importantly works. If you're interested in learning more you can order the DVD below and learn everything you need to know about the method I use to treat people mechanically. The inflammatory concepts I described here are great descriptions that don't need much more explanation. If you're interested in getting care by me for your Fibromyalgia, give us a call at (608) 277-1975 and schedule an appointment right away. We can get you started with the anti-inflammatory enzymes on day one, plus get you treated with the chiropractic approach I discussed above. Also don't forget to sign up for my Blog as more information will be shared on a regular basis that you won't want to miss. However, most of you reading this will not want to come to Madison, Wisconsin to get treated. So here is what I suggest. Order the DVD and learn what goes wrong in the human body structurally. Then find a doctor to correct your structure. Also find a doctor to get the enzymes from. I talk about this more here... Sincerely, Jeff Aberle, D.C.

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